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Hard Friction

Last updated: February 17th, 2017

Mike Stallone and Letterio Amadeo are in the latest raging stallion video. Mike is a versatile stud that loves rimming and making out from Montreal. Letterio is an Australian, a beefy Australian, that puts his passion into fucking. As they were making out in bed, Letterio got the dominant position and begins giving Mike head.

Then Letterio got up on his knees and serves his dick to Mike. After spinning Mike around, he dives his tongue into his fine ass, getting his ass ready to get nailed. Letterio, standing up, starts doggy style fucking, stretching Mike’s ass hole wide and deep. Mike got a go to his fine ass, with his legs in the air, Letterio gets his tight hole pounded. You must check out the entire video below. Stay tuned for more stallions in hardcore gay fucking scenes!

Raging Stallion Free Video

Last updated: February 10th, 2017

Jeff Powers and Bruno Bernal are here in the latest raging stallion video. Bruno is a Brazilian hunk that simply loves to get fucked by tattooed studs and Jeff is perfect for the job. The guys met at the gym and they were instantly attracted to one another, so they couldn’t wait to get things started.

The guys began with some deep kissing, but Bruno quickly moved to swallowing Jeff’s hard dick. Jeff couldn’t wait to get his dick up his tight ass, so he bends Bruno forward and shoves his dick as deep as possible. Their lean bodies drip in sweat as the pounds the hell out of one another. Bruno and Jeff offered us one of the best scenes and it’s been a while since we saw so much passion in one video. So enjoy it and stay tuned for more ragingstallion updates in the next few days. See you next time!

Object of Desire

Last updated: February 3rd, 2017

In the latest update from raging stallion we have three hot hunks sucking and fucking one another in this exclusive update. You already know the guys because this isn’t their first time here, but in case you forgot them in today’s update we have Bruce Beckham, Jason Vario, and  Mick Stallone.

As the scene starts the three muscled hunks make out and grope one another’s naked bodies. Then Mick goes down on his knees and starts blowing Jason’s cock. Then Bruce and Mike end up taking turns on deepthroating Jason’s uncut dick. Then the muscled hunks started taking turns on getting their asses stretched by one another. You have one of the best gay scenes below so make sure you guys check it out and stay tuned for more stallion updates!

State of Arousal Raging Stallion

Last updated: January 30th, 2017

Colton Grey and Bruno Bernal are here with a fresh new raging stallion video. The guys were working out together at the same gym but Bruno wanted more that than. When he saw Colton’ six pack abs and his hot tattoos he knew he had to get him one way or another. The other day after they finished working out and took a shower, Bruno made his move. Colton’s big cock and balls were irresistible for Bruno, who falls on his knees and started blowing his dick. Then Colton went behind Bruno and shoved his dick into Bruno’s ass and goes for a hell of a ride. You must check out these two muscled hunks banging one another in this hardcore gay sex video. This is today’s update but we’ll see you next time with more steamy stallion updates!

Raging Stallion Video

Last updated: January 20th, 2017

Jonah Fontana and Dorian Ferro are here in the latest raging stallion video. The guys had an amazing time pleasing one another and we have the entire update here for you. Jonah starts by making out with Dorian and rubbing his hands along his fine ass. Dorian starts to gently stroke Jonah’s dick, then they exchanged roles and Dorian got his dick worshiped by Jonah’s copious spit and thick lips.

Then the guys started taking turns on rimming one another’s ass. Jonah’s gorgeous ass is on display and of course Dorian is eager to fuck it. You must see him getting his fuckable hole stuffed by Dorian in this exclusive update. This was all for today but make sure you return for more gay updates!

Raging stallion videos – Damien Stone and Adam Herst

Hot and horny studs getting down and dirty in the newest raging stallion videos. They love to feel each other’s tight bodies, with their large and hard dicks pressing against one another, rubbing and getting horny. One of the guys surely was in charge and made the other one his slave in a simple ragingstallion style. He makes him kneel and cram his hard and large sausage as deep as possible into his tight ass, making him moan. He loves to feel that hard one going deeper and deeper and ripping his ass apart. Check them out at  ragingstallion studios as they cum at the same time, filling the place with their sticky creamy cum.

In this nice week’s scene we thought that you might enjoy seeing a nice and hard BDSM session go down. And so we brought you Damien and Adam with their little fuck fest. In this amazing gallery you get to see these simply stunning and hot hunks as they get to have some hard style anal fun for your entertainment. Watch as Damien takes the controls, and starts to fuck Adam’s nice and tight ass with his hard and big cock for today. You get to see Adam moan in pleasure as that big and hard cock stretches his tight butt nicely in this afternoon’s update that we bring you. As always we hope that you enjoyed it and do check out the rest of our nice and hot gay sex galleries everyone!~


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Raging stallion video – Erik Rhodes and Spencer Fox

While working on the house, it got hotter and hotter and so it was time to loose the cloths and show off one hot body. From this it did not take long these two really sexy dudes to make the latest free Raging stallion video. They started off with some sexy kissing, feeling their tongs and their bodies getting hotter and hotter, while their dicks got harder. Then they moved on to the more serious stuff, rubbing their dicks, making them all hard and ready to penetrate some tight ass, just the way we love it at ragingstallion.com. They took turns fucking hard and long one another, feeling those large sausages going deeper and deeper inside them. Have a look at raging stallionsstudio as they both reach their sexual climax and fill their halls with creamy cum.


As the scene starts off, you can see that the studs were already going hard at it. They sure were eager to get this show started as they wanted to fuck one another in the ass quite a lot for this nice update today. See Erik as he gets to ride a nice and big cock with his tight butt this afternoon and watch him enjoying every minute of the anal sex that he gets to receive for today. So watch him enjoying having that cock rammed inside his ass today and watch him moan in pleasure. We’ll be expecting you once more next week with some fresh scenes.

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RagingStallion – Justin Christopher and RJ Danvers

These guys love a good fucking and after a hard night of playing music and making others feeling good, it was time for him to get some in this latest ragingstallion.com. They fucked one house rhythm, pushing his large sausage deep inside his friend’s ass, feeling good and hot, making hid friend feel all excited. He loves to cum deep inside him filling his tight ass hole with his sticky cum and making him beg for some more. Check them out at raging stallion studios and have some one on one fun. These two have been waiting a long time to share the screen together and let’s just say that you will be pleasantly impressed by their scene.

Watch closely as their nice scene takes place in a warehouse, where the two hot and horny studs can have all the privacy that they want. Sit back and enjoy watching them start their fuck fest as they suck one another’s cocks. And then you get to see them taking turns to stick their cocks in one another’s butts just for your viewing pleasure today everyone. Rest assured that we think they make a good pair too, so you can expect to see them together some more in the future. So have fun with their scene today and do drop by next week for some more amazing galleries as always. Bye bye!

hot dudes scewing each other under the open sky

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Casa del sol

Hungry hot dude gets down on his knees and starts licking and sucking hard on two large hard dicks, feeling his mouth with them and eating them like candy on a very hard long stick. Check them out at raging stallion casa del sol as he gets facial zed by two dicks and gets his face all covered in cum. We know how much you guys wanted to see a nice threesome go down, since we haven’t really had one here in quite a while thus far. So today you are in luck with these guys as they get to have some sexual fun. And as you can see it takes place outdoors where it only manages to turn these guys on even more.


Anyway, today you get to see some pretty nice and hot scenes with these guys and we’re pretty sure that you will love them. Sit back and watch closely as two of the guys start to kiss passionately while the third one makes his way down and starts working on those big and hard cocks. Watch him sucking and slurping on them with a passion while the other two kiss and caress one another sensual and moan in pleasure as they get their cocks taken care of. Well we imagine that anyone would like to be in their place, but hey what can you do. Enjoy this nice update and see you next week with more!

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Raging stallion studios presents Marcos Pirelli and Marc LaSalle

Hot tanned studs getting on a hard one on one in this latest raging stallion studios. One of them loves to spread his legs wide open to make room for his friend’s large and hard dick to penetrate his tight ass hall as deep as possible and as hard as possible. Well Marcos and Marc sure make one amazing pair, and in their nice scene today they sure made magic happen. And you will see exactly what we’re talking about when this nice scene starts off. What you need to know is that these studs are always ready for some sexual action and their gallery today proves that, and you get to see it.

The scene with the two of them starts off with them in the living room on the couch. And as soon as the cameras start to roll, the guys tart to kiss passionately and massage one another’s amazing muscled bodies to turn each other on for this fine scene. Sit back and enjoy as Marcos sucks Marc off to get his meat pole standing at attention, and then see him spreading his legs on the couch so that Marc can have easy access to his nice and tight butt today. Watch Marcos getting a nice and thorough ass pounding from that big cock this afternoon and see you next week with some fresh and amazing galleries as always!

marcos and marc fucking on raging stallion studios

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