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Raging Stallion – Backstage Pass

Another fresh week and time for another new raging stallion scene to grace your screens. This time we get to see a guy getting to pay with his ass for a backstage pass to see the band after the rock concert. As you know, if you’ve been here long enough, you know that we’re all about bringing you the best of the best hot studs fucking every week and we sure hope that this site is your go to place to check out hot gay hunks. We’re always trying to outdo ourselves and we think we’re quite succeeded with this scene in particular. But enough chit chat and let’s get to watch this ragingstallion getting his ass stretched nice and wide by a big cock for this one!


Like we mentioned, he really wanted to meet the band. But he had no pass, so the bouncer wasn’t about to let him in willy nilly. That’s totally fine though as the guy straight up offered his ass, and the guy figured why not, might as well play around with this guy for a bit and if he’s such a good sport then he can have free entry. They went back stage to the instruments area and got rid of their clothes quick. See the fan suck that cock to get the guy nice and hard and then watch as the stud gets around to spread his legs to take it in the ass missionary style. Well he sure earned his pass and you can check out more awesome scenes in the past updates too!

Take a look at these stallions banging one another!

Myles Landon and Talon Reed

Hey there guys and gals and welcome as always to more new and hot raging stallion scenes here. You know that we’re all about showing off those smoking hot hunks and their delicious bodies in action in every scene and we bring you another simply superb scene here with just a pinch of bdsm too, or S&M, whatever you want to call it. It’s mostly because when these two guys fuck, they like to wear some belts and straps and they just look much more sexy with them on anyway as you will see in this gallery! Well let’s get to see them get right down to business and see them go nuts fucking one another in the ass today!

We forgot to mention that the two stud’s names are Myles Landon and Talon Reed. And what amazing scene here didn’t start with some nice foreplay. Well, the answer is none and because of that, you can bet that you get to see the two guys getting to be wild with one another, but first some anal licking and cock sucking is required to set the mood better. Once that is all done and said, we bet that you are just as eager as them and you can finally see some nice and thick cocks plow some nice asses. Enjoy the two and their wild fuck scene here today and we’ll see you soon once more with all new and all fresh updates and galleries everyone! Bye bye lads and ladies!


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Raging Stallion Destroyer

Well hello there and welcome back to a new raging stallion update today once again. It looks like quite a lot of you just loved seeing last week’s naughty threesome go down and the theme of it was sailors. The guys had lots of fun and you guys seem to have adored the role play that they got to do. Well welcome back to one more scene in that style with another two guys getting to play as the marines did and you can see them in some juicy action too for this afternoon as well. The guy doing the fucking in this ragingstallion scene destroyed the other one’s ass with his big cock and rest assured that you need to check it out!


As he gets to start sucking that cock, the guy with the tattoos as you can see, is the one to be on the receiving end. Mostly because the other guy is packing such a nice and thick cock that he can please the other stud no problems. Well, as we start off, naturally, all the clothes come off the two eager guys as they were superbly horny and ready to fuck hard too. So you get to watch them as they get around to do oral action but then the moment of truth comes and the guy gets to lay on his back and take a nice and balls deep anal fucking here today. Enjoy the whole thing and see you guys and gals next week with another update just like always!

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Fx Rios, Bennett Anthony and Aaron Reese

Hello there and welcome back guys. You’re just in time to see another new and kinky raging stallion scene with more guys and as you can see this time we switch things up a bit once more. This scene features a pretty intense threesome with the hot studs Fx Rios, Bennett Anthony and Aaron Reese. These three guys got to dress up like sailors and take their time to play with each other in the supply room of a ship just for you. Now we know that this might have you eager to see what’s going down, so let’s get the cameras rolling and watch this simply superb and sexy gay threesome fuck with these horny guys here shall we?

It’s honestly the little time that they had left to play with each other before they have to go back to doing their chores and they were going to do it quick too. Well, let’s get right into the action and watch the three guys take their time to get undressed first and then the ginger haired guy gets to be the one to take care of the rest with his mouth. Watch giving the other two a superb double blowjob to make sure that they are rock hard and ready to play and then see him keep on sucking the white dude off while the ebony stud gets to plow his fine ass from behind. It’s quite a treat isn’t it and we have more for you in waiting for next week’s update. Until next time everyone!


Take a look at this stallion getting double teamed!

Raging Stallion Dicklicious

Another fresh week and time for a brand new raging stallion scene. There’s some new and horny guys getting ready to go hard in one another for this one and there’s no way you can skip over this great and sexy gallery. The two studs are going to be having lots and lots of fun with each other in this scene and right as soon as their play session starts you will know that this is a great one indeed. So let’s get to the bottom of things, or rather let’s watch the pair get to each other’s bottoms in this gallery. The ragingstallion pair starts off with foreplay as the rest, but that soon turns kinky with lots of anal action and the likes, as they moan loudly in pleasure.


Well even the foreplay is quite kinky and naughty and you will get to watch the two guys as they get around to suck one another’s cocks and deep throat them. But like we said, they got real nasty right from there, so sit back and check them out anally rimming each other as well, putting those tongues to good use. The guy with bright brown hair is the first to tease that ass with his tongue and after that, you need to see him put that nice and big cock to use on the guy’s nice and tight ass too. We’re sure that you will enjoy the action in this one and you can be sure that there’s going to be more for you to see next time too. See you all then!

Enjoy watching these stallions banging one another!

Bruno Bernal and Jason Vario

This week’s new and hot raging stallion scene is here for you and the sexy bald guy Bruno is back in some more action. Today he gets to shove that mighty cock of his in another tight and sexy ass for the afternoon and that ass belongs to the hot and sensual Jason Vario, who gets to act as the sub and bottom for the afternoon here. You know how Bruno likes to do things, so you can expect a hard style anal fuck session to go down. But that was very much okay with Jason in this raging scene as the latter is always down to be domed and have a huge cock in his ass more than anything else. So let’s kick off their action scene!

The set was all theirs as soon as the cameras rolled and you get to watch the two engaging in some pretty neato foreplay, setting the stage for the next bits around here. Take your time to enjoy seeing these guys getting wild and nasty with each other and see them beginning with Jason dropping to his knees to make sure that Bruno’s cock is rock hard for his tight and sexy ass first and foremost. Then you can see him bend over for Jason and practically takes it up the ass doggie style for the rest of the afternoon here today. Enjoy the view and do drop by again soon for another simply exquisite gay fucking session just like this one. See ya!


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Raging Stallion – State of Arousal

Today’s fresh and kinky raging stallion scene is simply unskip-able if you want to see another pair of hot dudes fucking nasty. The two horny stallions this week are men of little words but plenty of action as they get around to get down and dirty with each other too in this fine gallery here today. Well let’s get to the action right away as you just have to see them bending each other over to fuck hard style anally and it looks like the cute ginger guy is getting to be the one taking it in the ass first here at ragingstallion this week. Well, let’s get right into it as we bet that you are all curious to see what actually went down in this whole amazing gay scene!


The guys had this bright and colorful room all to themselves where with some benches and you can bet that they made full use of them this afternoon. Both of them have tattoos on their bodies and we do have to say that it makes them look pretty col too. So like we mentioned, the ginger gets to be on the receiving end. So with that in mind, watch him bend over for the other guy and see him taking it in the ass as he moans loudly in pleasure here today. We’ll return next week as usual with another new collection for you to check out so make sure that you sick around to check it out. We’ll see you then everyone, and check out our other content too!

Watch here these stallions slamming their asses!

Sean Duran and Tyson Glover

Hey there again everyone and welcome to a new couple fucking and a new raging stallion scene with it as well. As you know, the scenes around this place all have the sexiest and hottest muscled studs that get to play nasty on camera and all you need to do is drop by every week to check out what’s going down. We can pretty much assure you that there’s some pretty neat and kinky scenes taking place every time too. But anyway, let’s come back to this week’s subject and the studs named Sean Duran along with Tyson Glover as we get to watch them have fun in this stallion scene and you can see some hard anal fucking getting done too!

Well, surely not before all the oral action too. And in some cases we’d say that that’s actually the highlight of this whole thing. The part when the bald guy gets to sit back and relax while his buddy gets busy with that cock. See the stud wrap his juicy lips around it and watch him deep throat, lick and suck with a passion. You can see that this has the other guy rock hard in seconds and after such a nice and long cock sucking session, he was willing to give the guy a proper reward, by fucking him balls deep in the ass and making him moan loudly in pleasure. We’ll see you guys soon with more fresh content and new sexy scenes! Bye bye until then everyone!


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Raging Stallion – Wasteland

Hey there guys, and welcome back as always. there’s some more new and juicy raging stallion scenes to be showed off to you this week and you can bet that you will not want to miss them this time. That’s because this week we have a pair of studs that likes to go hard and you just have to see that go down in their naughty and nasty scene here. Let’s get the cameras to capture all the action with the two as they simply made magic happen with each other and every second not watching them fuck is a second wasted here today. Those ragingstallion cameras made sure to capture the gay anal magic that went down from every possible angle as well here for the afternoon!


They truly are a pair of stallions with these muscular bodies and eagerness to get naughty. The guy with the cap gets to be the one on the receiving end this fine afternoon and his hairy friend was pretty happy to let him spread those legs nice and wide so that he can fuck him balls deep. See him taking the guy in the ass missionary style and throughout their time together you will be seeing the guy on the receiving end moan in pleasure too. It’s a wonderful fuck with wonderful guys and we bet that you will adore checking it out here today. See you all next week of course with another new and nasty gallery update. Until then enjoy this one to the fullest!

Watch here these stallions banging their asses!

Bruno Bernal and Bruce Beckham

Welcome back to raging stallion where we try our best to bring you the best of the best muscled studs getting down and dirty with each other every other week. This show brings you the hunks Bruno Bernal and Bruce Beckham, two hot studs that are going to show you the meaning of passionate gay fuck in this afternoon fuck session they share with one another. One thing that we can say for sure is that you will most definitely love this one to say the least. So let’s get the amazing raging stallion show going and let’s watch these two macho guys plowing asses nice and hard shall we? We know you’re very very eager to see the action that goes down too!

There’s nothing else to their action scene really. You just need to take your time to see them play. What little sexy clothing they had on comes off pretty fast as they get busy with each other for you to see too. So watch closely and enjoy the view of the two studs and hunks as they get to undress and prepare for the next bit in their little play session today. You can rest assured that by the time they got to do the nasty both of them were rock hard and ready to play even nastier too. See some hard anal getting done and some moaning too and enjoy this truly glorious and sexy scene with the two hot guys today. We’ll be back again soon with more of them so make sure you come on by!


Check out these stallions fucking one another!

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