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You thought you would get bored this summer, but that was before the latest raging stallion code yellow. hot muscular guys getting down and dirty, sucking hard on their dicks and then spreading their legs wide open for some serious hard fuck. Check them out at ragingstallion.com and have some serious nasty wild fun. Enjoy some more superb scenes in this simply glorious and hot collection with horny studs getting around for some senseless fucking just for you today.

This is a fine example how two grown burly men can be passionate with each other’s bodies when sex is involved, and you can rest assured that you get to watch some hard style fuck scenes with them today. Watch closely and see some hot gay action getting done as they bend over for each other today, and let those big cocks pound their asses nice and deep for the afternoon. We are sure that you will just adore this update and rest assured more will follow for your viewing pleasure next week as well. Have fun and see you guys soon with many more hot and sexy studs fucking!


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Hard For The Money

What does some raging stallion strippers do when the club is not open yet? Well, they fuck! The video starts with Fabio and Logan tangle tongues as their hard cocks press against Tomas’s grizzled face.These three studs Fabio, Logan and Tomas looks for every bit of meat they can find so every time they have the chance to go crazy with each other they do it. So, cum inside and watch the crazy orgy action between these three; we’re sure you will not regret it. Regardless of who’s fucking whom, no cock goes un-sucked. So let’s not waste time and see this superb and hot threesome going down with the simply amazing studs.


Suffice to say that the two doing the fucking today got super horny when they saw this hot and sexy stud all naked, and they were very much up for a superb and hot three way fucking today. The two have the stripper sucking and deep throating their nice and hard cocks to lube them, and then they take him for a nice double fucking, with one of them fucking his horny and hot ass, while the other provided his thick cock for some nice oral action too. Have fun with it as always and see you soon with more content! Until then, check out the www.fraternityx.info site and see some gorgeous gay guys making out!

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The Woods: Jimmy Fanz and Zeb Atlas

Jimmy Fanz is the kind of raging stallion that the moment you see him, you have to have him asap: great muscled legs, cute smile, fit, hairy body. Jimmy here has a big case of hero praise for Zeb Atlas, that takes him sportfishing in The Woods. The moment they reached the wild to forget about sport fishing and focus on another sport – ass rimming.  Watch as Zeb gets Jimmy’s ass ready with some kisses and then turns him over and spears his asshole from behind. When Jimmy’s excited prostate can not take another hit without jizzing, they switch position and Jimmy sits on the cock for a slow, gentle thrust until the sperm pours down.

As per usual you can see quite the superb scene today as this more slim guy gets his muscled fuck buddy to penetrate his fine ass with that mighty cock of his. The thing is that he just gets turned on by big muscles and his buddy is quite the gym buff as you can see his simply superb body. Anyway, watch this hot and horny stud as he bends over for his muscled friend and see him taking one nice and hard style ass fucking from that hard and ready cock in this superb and hot scene today. We hope that you’ll enjoy it!

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Raging Stallion – Hard Impact

Another great update from raging stallion studios: in one corner we have Marcus Ruhl: tanned skin, huge muscle thighs created to be wrap around a man. In the other corner we have Jessy Ares, a full beard, large tool, manscaping-be-damned. There is no bell, only the director calling ‘Action’. Well what can we say, we are just happy to have these two here again, and it was one superb and sexy fuck scene that they took part of today. Let’s not waste time and see the two hunks in action without delay today.


They had an empty room all to themselves and a nice leather bed to use as well. And you can bet that they made full use of everything here to enjoy themselves. Watch as the handsome Marcus begins the show by offering Jessy a nice and long blowjob to get his cock nice and erect for his eager ass. And then you can see the hot and horny stud as he parts open his legs and lets Jesse fuck his nice ass balls deep in this superb and sexy scene today. Enjoy it fully and don’t forget that we’ll come back soon with another superb and sexy update! Also you might visit the maverickmen.me site and see other gorgeous gay guys having sex!

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Cock Craze – Trenton Ducati and Jake Genesis

This is another wild ragingstallion.com update. We get together two muscle hunks that will grow you a boner in no time. Trenton Ducati, Jake Genesis. These fellas really are into each other, yet never had the chance to be together alone in a room. Till now. So cum inside and watch these big dicked dudes fucking each other senseless till they both explode. Well as you know, we only have the hottest and sexiest studs here to show off, and today that was no exception with Trent and Jake here. So let’s see them have some fun.

The two studs were very eager to get to do some fucking for the cameras and you, and they just wanted to have those nice and hard cocks penetrate some tight holes too. And it was a nice thing too since they had all the afternoon to themselves to have as much sexual fun as they wanted. Take your time and see them as they take turns to fuck each other in the ass today, and see their superb scene culminating in a superb jizz fest as they unload all over each other’s hot and muscled bodies today everyone. Bye!


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RagingStallion – Benjamin Godfre and Shawn Wolfe

Ok, so we’re here today with another fucked up ragingstallion episode. Benjamin Godfre and Shawn Wolfe are here for the viewer pleasure and they are horny, curious teens, and driven by cock need. Between these two Shawn is the sluttiest one so he dares Benjamin to jizz on his face. So Benjamin slides a bit closer, puts his arm around Shawn’s neck and aim his sperm straight into Shawn’s starved mouth. Let’s watch closely and see two hot studs with big cocks enjoying a nice and hard gay fuck for this afternoon today everyone.


So like we promised before we bring you these two hot and horny studs with their superb gay fuck, and rest assured that it’s quite the sight to see these two hot studs fucking each other nice and hard just for your enjoyment. Watch them whipping out their cocks and watch them as they suck each other off to get their meat poles nice and hard for the next part of their little fun session today. Take your time to enjoy another raunchy and hot gay fuck scene and see the two studs having some superb sexual fun with each other for today. Also if you wanna see some muscled hunks fucking one another, enter the titanmen.me blog!

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Jake Genesis and Caleb Colton

Caleb Colton’s cock makes you look twice at it. He’s a real raging stallion It’s very long and straight and you believe, when it’s plowed up a guy’s butt, the receiver’s moans will get noisier with every few inches. Jake Genesis gets to the test today; he’s a cute dude that is into bog dicks, however this might be the largest he ever had the chance to try. Caleb wastes absolutely no time – gets Jake to his knees, lube his hole with spit, and fill his hole with, maybe, the largest male meet around. So let’s just sit back and see the two studs in action without delay today shall we?

The scene starts with them starting to kiss and caress one another’s sexy bodies passionately, and you could just tell that the two meant business today. Watch closely and see them having some nice and hard style fun with each other’s bodies as they undress too, and then see as Caleb decided to have Jake’s nice and sexy ass all to himself, so you get to see him spreading his legs and starting to fuck his nice and eager ass hard style with his mighty cock. See you soon everyone! If you liked this scene and you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the japanboyz.org site and see some Japanese twinks getting ass fucked!


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Nasty Fuckers

Bruno claims Jason as his brand new raging stallion gay fuck-toy, and Jason is excited to go along for this ride with this hairy ‘dad’. Like two animals pawing at one another, they devour one another in hungry kisses. Next, Jason is on all fours and devours Bruno’s massive tool like a good lad. Next the roles are changing and Bruno attacks Jason’s tight hole with some spitting and tongue-licking! Next, Jason is face down with a stiff cock deep inside his ass offering him a nice plowing till he shoots his explosives blasts of cum. Anyway let’s take a closer look at how these two studs had their fun today shall we?

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The two hot and hairy guys sure had the time of their life today and they were going to enjoy it as much as possible. Take a seat and see how two hot and horny and hairy guys like to fuck in this scene, and see some nice and deep ass fucking getting done without delay today. You ca see as they take turns to ride each other’s nice and hard cocks today and slam their asses. Rest assured that they will be coming back in a future update as well to entertain you too. Wanna see other gorgeous guys riding cocks? If you do, enter the next door studios site! Have fun!

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Raging Stallion – Hard For The Money

Jessy is in his uniform and spins round the pole, jacking his stick under his aviator uniform making eye contact with good looking James Ryder. James is sexy punk, with tight fitting jeans and tattoos along his arms. The chemistry is huge between these two raging stallion men so as soon as Jessy finished his dance they move the action to a private room. They began with some passionate kissing and nice muscle caressing and continue with some raunchy blows and hardcore plowings. Well anyway let’s get this show started and see the hot and sexy studs doing some nice and hard bareback fucking for this superb and hot scene shall we?

What you need to know about Jessy and James here is that the two studs always enjoy having some hard core sex. And for this scene you can be sure that you will get to enjoy seeing the two hunks as they have some hard style anal sex for yours and their pleasure. Sit back and watch them getting around to lick on one another’s cocks to get each other rock hard, and then see the show getting started properly too. You can watch them moaning in pleasure as they take their time to pound each other’s nice and round asses.

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Trenton Ducati and Tomas Brand

Trenton is the forest raging stallion ranger and he is most of the time alone in the woods. One day he passes by an extremely cute mysterious stranger, Tomas Brand and after some small talk they went to the ranger office for a more private talk. The moment they reached the ranger’s office Tomas was down on his knees using his tongue and fingers to milk Trenton’s cock and that while preparing his asshole for an invasion. Anyway let’s get started and see them in action as they get to do some nice and hard fucking for today’s scene.


These two muscle studs were all ready to deliver a nice and hard ass fucking on one another’s asses and you get to see it all right here and right now.Take your time to see these two hot and sexy studs as they begin with a nice and passionate kissing session in the start of the scene, and see them going wild all night long. You get to watch them pound each other’s fine and tight asses with those hard cocks as well so make sure that you watch each and every one of these superb images in the gallery today! If you can’t wait until the next week’s post, check out the raw papi blog and see some black hunks fucking one another!

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