Bathroom Sex with Hairy Hunks Romeo and Kyle in Boots

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Scene Title: Show Hard

Description: Romeo Davis is cruising at the urinals of the public restroom when Kyle Connors slips off his wedding band and notices Romeo’s throbbing uncut member. Kyle quickly reaches over to grab a hefty handful. For a little more privacy, they each enter a separate stall and use the gloryhole. Romeo slides his dick through, and it’s met with Kyle’s warm, wet mouth. Kyle proves he’s a hungry little cock slut as ropes of spit hang from his chin and Romeo’s cock. When Kyle’s throat needs a break, he slides his cock through the hole to let Romeo return the favor. After sucking on Kyle’s meat, Romeo wants hole, so Kyle backs up as Romeo’s inches disappear inside Kyle’s ass. Kyle wants to feel the fullness of Romeo’s cock, so he joins Romeo in the stall and braces on the toilet while Romeo pounds him bareback from behind. Switching positions, Romeo sits down on the toilet and Kyle sinks down on the fat cock and rides it hard. After bouncing on Romeo’s cock, Kyle bends over one last time to get his load pounded out of him. It lands all over the floor. Romeo follows, delivering a heavy load to Kyle’s face and mouth.