Raging Stallion – Bennett And Gage

Hey there and welcome back! Bennett Anthony is sitting in the barber’s chair as Gage finishes his work in this latest raging stallion update. After he finished his work, Bennett realized that he didn’t have enough money to leave him any tip. He had money to pay for his work but he hoped to figure something out for the tip. Bennett reached to his bulge in Gage’s pants to give him an idea about what he had in mind. Gage was the last one in the barber shop so they had the place all for themselves. Bennett didn’t waste any time as he wrapped his lips around Gage’s hard uncut dick and started sucking it. It’s going to be a wild ride and you got the best seat in the house to watch it!

Gage unbuttoned his shirt and showed off his muscular body all covered with tattoos. Bennett bends over the barber chair’s, he spread his naked male butt cheeks for Gage to dive face first. As Gage was standing up he pushes his hard dick into Benett’s ass and fucked him doggy style. Then they switch it up as Gage was sitting in the chair and Bennett was now sitting down on his hard dick. The guys unleashed massive loads on one another and you get to see it all in the update below. This was all for today but you can check out more update from the barber shop below. Enjoy it and see you guys next time!

Enjoy watching these hunks hammering their asses!