Big Dick African American Heath Jordan Gets a RUGBURN

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Scene Title: RUGBURN

Description: With their big boners ready to bust out of their boxers, Heath Jordanand Lawson Kane just can’t seem to get enough of each other. Theykiss and grope with heated frenzy before Heath works his way southto his buddy’s crotch. He yanks out his macho mocha-man’s swollendick and swallows it down greedily, swabbing it with spit so it’ll slideeasily through his pursed lips. Then Lawson gets his turn to suckcock. His oral skills have his hunk, Heath, reeling and the excitementramps up when he begins eating ass. After getting Heath’s sphincterall juiced up, Lawson pierces it with his meat. He’s in totalcontrol as he fucks, screws, bangs, pummels and punishes Heath’ssweet ass until he finally climaxes and sprays him with cum. Left lyingon the white woolly rug, Heath jerks himself off with Lawson helpingby jamming his fingers up his ass. The big man’s chest heaves upand down as his gasps get louder and louder until he finally shoots awhite ribbon of spooge up across his hairy stomach.