Boots, Hairy Men Indulging Erotic Desires: Omega; Huessein & Mick Powers

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Scene Title: Omega

Description: Huessein, a furry concoction of muscle and passion, and MickPowers, a bearded tank of a man with an ass that looks as irresistible to my tongue as it does to Huessein’s (he repeatedly devours the juicy opening like a man possessed). Before they get to the rimming,though,they begin with some slurpy, and I mean slurpy, kissing. Huessein, sporting a shaggy head of hair, passionately kisses, and gets kissed. Their chemistry is off the fucking charts. They frantically proceed to some excellent cocksucking, pit-licking, more kissing,tummy-licking, tit-licking, you name it. These studs explore every inch of each other hungrily. Mick smacks Huessein’s taut asscheeks harshly before digging in for an expert ass-munch. They then trade blows, more rims, a 69 on a metal rack, more groping, and then Huessein bends Mick in half and attacks the junk in his trunk as Mickbleats out words of encouragement, they move to a reverse sit-fuck, Mick even more aggressive in this position, sweat dripping from both at this point, and then they go crotch-to-crotch to yank out their cumshots. Whew!

Actors: Huessein , Mick Powers