Boots Rim Job with Francois Sagat and Rick Gonzales – RagingStallion

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Scene Title: Tough As Nails

Description: International superstar and Raging Stallion Exclusive Francois Sagatsaws wood to build a cabinet. The camera lingers long on hissweating muscles. Francois Sagat defines 21st century porn and he sets thegold standard for gay men everywhere. Francois is joined by RagingStallion stud Rick Gonzales. His cock is so large that Francois hastrouble taking it. You can see the mixed feelings on Francois’s face asthe pain of a full-on powerfuck is mixed with that feeling of ‘I wantmore!’ The positions these guys get into are remarkable, and thewood practically catches fire from the friction generated in thissuperscene. It is a must own for all Francois Sagat fans!