Bruno Bond Dominates Dominic Pacifico in Hardcore Latino Boots

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Scene Title: Hard Friction

Description: Ride – Dominic Pacifico is riding his motorcycle through thecity streets at night. The powerful engine is revving between histhighs, vibrating his ass and big balls. His mind starts to wander. Heimagines himself straddled naked over his bike. He strokes his bigdick and rubs his hot hole. The city lights flash across his helmet asrides through the streets. Dominic’s fantasy continues as he thinks ofstretching his hole out with a shiny black dildo. He works his ass withthe big, fake cock, riding it up and down on the motorcycle seat.Weaving in and out of the city traffic, his fantasy progresses. Thedildo is not enough. A man appears from the shadows dressed inblack pants, black gloves and a black hood that conceals his identity.It is Bruno Bond. As Dominic holds the handles of the motorcycle,Bruno rims his ass and sucks his cock and giant balls, pulling thembetween his spread cheeks. Bruno pulls out his throbbing cock andplows it into Dominic’s ass, pounding him from behind. Dominic thenflips over and lies spread-eagled on his back on the motorcycle.Bruno holds his legs in the air and continues pounding his ass. Brunoshoots his load all over Dominic’s big cock and balls and disappears.Dominic works out his own intense load then remembers that he ishaving a fantasy as he revs his motorcycle back to life and speeds offinto the night.