Dangerous Leather Boots: Matt Sizemore and Parker Williams at Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Down Right Dangerous

Description: Parker Williams decides to drop off his boy (played by Raging StallionExclusive Rick Hammersmith in his first film since Poke, Prod,and Penetrate) at a filthy, low rent sex club. But before he kickshim thru the door, he strips him down and takes a big, black magicmarker and writes disgusting dirty words all over his body: ‘FuckHere,’ ‘Cum Pig,’ ‘Bottom Boy,’ etc. Right in front of passing cars, heremoves Hammersmith’s clothes and makes him suck his mancockuntil the throbbing veins begin to hurt. Satisfied, Williams throws theboy into a dark sex club humming with horny men. You can practicallysmell the hot scent of sexual arousal–and you can certainly see it inHammersmith’s face as he is cast into the torrid mass of men waitingwithin.The boy finds his way into the hands of Matt Sizemore for a fuck thatwill make your eyes pop! This pairing is a match that gave directorChris Ward a rare chance to become an erotic artist. Beautifullyfilmed and right down to business, Matt Sizemore delivers the finestfuck of his long, hard career, and Rick Hammersmith takes the ride ofa lifetime in what certainly will be one of the most talked about scenesof the year. Other video companies take note–Raging Stallion showsyou how it should be done!