DeBoxer and Saint Satisfy in Raging Stallion’s Jockstrap Delight

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Scene Title: On The Job – Part 01

Description: Hunky building-inspector Tyler Saint gets on the freight elevator readyto do down, but the elevator halts and sexy hairy construction workedManuel DeBoxer steps in. Tyler nervously closes the gate as he hisinches away from this hot stud. As the elevator descends the tensionbuilds. Checking each other out as they descend further and furtherdown. The elevator comes to a halt and it’s Manuel who has flung theswitch. Tyler turns to see Manuel inches from his face. Manuel goesin for a deep wet kiss. The two men grope each other. Manuel can’twait to get Tyler’s big hard cock into his mouth. Manuel sucks withsuch varicosity like his sexuality’s been pent up for years. Saint can’tbelieve his luck and this hair sexy stud swallow his cock. Tyler returnsthe favor and takes Manuel’s beautifully uncut cock in his mouth.Tyler wants more than dick. He wants ass, it’s not long before Tyler istonguing Manuel’s sweet manhole. Manuel grinds back, wanting morethan just a tongue in his willing hole. Tyler gives him just what hewants by sinking his large flesh pole deep inside Manuel. Tyler grabson Manuel’s jock as he pounds away at his hole. Tyler pumps, filling Manuel’s eager asshole. Tyler flips Manuel over so hecan get more of his big dick into Manuel’s tight hole. Tyler continueshis furious pace till Manuel unleashes his load on to his hairy abs.Tyler can’t contain his fury as he cums all over Manuel’s white jock.