Foreskin Fiesta: Steve Cruz, Fabio Stallone in Hard Friction!

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Scene Title: Hard Friction

Description: Slurp! – Steve Cruz invites you to watch. He raises aneyebrow when he sees the big uncut cock. Steve slowly works it over,sucking it hungrily. He pulls back the foreskin and sucks the big balls.The big cock belongs to Latin stud, Tony Vega. After more sloppycocksucking, a second dick appears. This uncut cock is even biggerthan the first! Steve works both big cocks, stroking and sucking, tryingto get both in his mouth at the same time. Eventually, we see that thesecond big dick belongs to Italian hottie, Fabio Stallone. Tony andFabio kiss as they are both serviced by Steve. As he pumps andslurps down these two giant cocks, a third one appears! It belongs tohairy newcomer, Lonzo Zolar. Steve works all three cocks until Tonyshoots his load all over Steve’s hairy chest. Fabio shoots his big loadon Steve next. Tony is so worked up that he shoots a second load!Lonzo then sprays down the hungry cocksucker with his man juice.Steve collapses on the floor, covered in four big loads and pumps outhis own hot load.