Hairy Butts Explore Outdoor Deep Down Under Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Going Deep Down Under

Description: Joshua Adams hooks up with hunky muscle man Cannon Lee aboardthe Extasea. Cannon, his bulges decorated with multiple tattoos, is areal macho stud, and Josh seems to revel in being his boy-toy for theday, greedily sucking on Cannon’s big knob, and then later spreadinghis ass wide for Cannon to fuck him. Cannon also gets in on thesucking act, laving Josh’s cock with his mouth, lips and tongue, butwhen the action turns to fucking, the big stud really revs into highgear, driving his tongue deep into Josh’s hole in preparationand then slipping his dick inside as Josh balances his bodyprecariously over the rail of the boat, the water only a few feet below.Cannon puts his hand on Josh’s head and jerks his dick as Josh doesthe same, bringing them to a big crescendo with both producingmonster loads of cum.