Hairy Fuckers in Boots: Jason Michaels and Bruno Knight

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Scene Title: Nasty Fuckers

Description: Bruno Knight claims Jason Michaels as his new fuck-toy, and Jason iseager to go along for the ride with his hairy English ‘dad’. Like twobeasts pawing at each other, they devour each other in a hungry kiss.Bruno reaches down to fondle Jason’s fuzzy balls, then slides hishand between his partner’s legs to play with his hairy ass-crack.Jason buries his face in Bruno’s thick chest fur and brushes Brunowith his own whiskers as he slides his mouth down to Bruno’s crotch.Greedy Jason devours all of Bruno’s massive meat like a good lad.Bruno’s in charge as he calls all the shots making sure Jason’s doingthe job right. Jason plays along, but also takes some control of hisown by squeezing Bruno’s face with his ass, making the big guy eatit out. Bruno attacks Jason’s tight puckered hole with a vengeancelicking, spitting and tongue-fucking him the way you want it done! Theexcitement builds and it’s not long before Jason is face down — Brunodelivering his stiff cock deep. Bruno is aggressive and playfully brutaland Jason’s loving every bit of it. They finish themselves off by theirown clenched fists, shooting off two explosives blasts of cum.