Hairy Latino Swallows Big Dick: Justin & Marcos on Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Manhattan

Description: Stunning Raging Stallion exclusive Marcos Pirelli is a young Latingod–and gives a whole new meaning to the term Service Elevator.He’s confident and sexy from his lips to the tip of his big fat cock.Raging Stallion exclusive Justin Christopher is not only damn sexy, healso has a big fucking dick and he knows how to use it. Put these twomen together in an elevator and just watch them go down! Justin’scock is so big Marcos has a hard time getting it down his throat, butwhen there’s a will there’s a way.Marcos is desperate to stuff his dick into Justin’s ass and Justin can’twait, bending over to take it with pleasure. Marcos is a power-fuckerand Justin’s hole takes an impressive pounding before his own cockmakes him eager to top. His hole craving attention, Marcos offers uphis ass and isn’t disappointed. Justin’s massive dick fills the hungrybutthole and the fucking moves to new heights. Watching these two isquite a sight. Justin takes his time shoving every inch into Marcos’squivering ass. With Marcos on his back, Justin pumps the cum rightout of him. Seeing his partner shoot pushes Justin over the edge andhe erupts all over Marcos’s abs.