Hairy Men Take It Outside: Logan McCree and Scott Campbell

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Scene Title: To The Last Man: The Gathering Storm

Description: The view is spectacular as Scott Campbell watches the Flying VRanch through binoculars. Suddenly, Logan (Logan McCree) isblocking the view. The two men begin to argue, and a fight escalates.Logan throws Scott on his back and begins to rub Scott’s crotch. Theintensity of the fight has produced erections from both men. Logancontinues to rub Scott’s crotch while Scott begins to lick Logan’s assthrough his jeans. Logan takes Scott’s cock into his mouth, but hewants to control the situation. He does not let Scott move while hestrips to expose his ass for Scott’s mouth. The two 69 each otherbefore Logan moves Scott to a higher rock to get better access to hishairy hole. Logan fingers Scott’s hole, getting it ready for his tattooed,uncut cock. Logan eagerly and intensely fucks Scott and Scott moanswith pleasure. Logan fucks doggie style first then puts Scott on hisback for greater penetration. Scott moans and groans the entire time,enjoying every inch of his tattooed top. Logan wants cock in his hotass too so he straddles Scott and begins his own ride. Logan shootshis load on Scott’s stomach and begins to play with Scott’s ass to gethim to shoot. After Scott shoots his load, Logan lies down next to him. Scott takes off, gathering his clothes on the way.