Hairy Mitch Vaughn Gets Sucked and Rimmed by Johnny Parker

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Scene Title: Full Release

Description: Mitch Vaughn is the guy with the shaved head sucking the tongue of furry beast Johnny Ryder. They’re naked, rubbing shoulders and rubbing the heads of their cocks together. Mitch’s knees hit the deck and he shoves Johnny’s dickhead into the pouch of his cheek. Johnny is a muscle-bear with nipples the size of quarters peeking out from his thatch of chest fur. His uncut cock throbs to the pressure it gets from the metal post in Mitch’s tongue as it licks and swirls. Smoother Mitch gives up sucking to offer his ass: two smooth, round globes that slope inward to a tender, pink center. Johnny’s fingers advance like heat-seeking missiles, sometimes probing that hot hole, sometimes spreading the cheeks for his tongue to enter. The deepest recesses of Mitch can only be reached by cock, and Johnny’s cock makes Mitch’s ass quiver for more. The big surprise here is when Mitch decides a change is in order and he flips Johnny over and fucks him back. It’s an arrangement that leaves Johnny sighing words of encouragement for Mitch to cum in his face as he jerks out his own Full Release.