Hairy Soldiers Steve Cruz and Orlando in Outdoor Boot Sex

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Scene Title: Grunts Brothers In Arms

Description: Steve (Cruz) turns on his brother, Orlando (Toro). What ensues ispretty amazing–a moment in gay porn that has never, ever beenfilmed before – twins actually having sex with each other. When theykiss it looks like one is kissing a mirror. When they suck each other,you have no idea who is on top. But when Steve gets fucked, youknow that Orlando is the big brother! Before we get calls andcomplaints, we should remind viewers that these are actors who justso happen to look like identical twins. If brothers doing it is yourfantasy, then this movie will become your all-time favorite. And for therest of you – well, you simply have to see this to understand it! It isone of the greatest sex scenes of all time.