Hairy Taurus and Adam North in Forbidden Dreams – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Forbidden Dreams

Description: Tommy Blade (in a non-sexual role) needs something cool to drink. Aphoto on the stainless steel fridge brings us into Tommy’s memory.Adam North sits alone until Taurus Dean walks in to entertain him.These two men go at it quickly revealing their firm bodies and theirrock hard cocks. Adam has a beautiful young body, lightly hairy anddotted with tattoos. He is anxious to fill his mouth with dick andTaurus is happy to provide. Taurus strips down to his undies andwhips out his big curved dick. Adam takes the cock gently at firstplaying with the foreskin and licking the head before swallowing thelength of it. Adam loves the foreskined cock and plays with it in hismouth and with his hands before Taurus gets a mouthful. Taurus lickshis way down Adam’s body until he strips him out of his briefs andreleases a beautiful cock. Taurus enjoys the smell of his balls and thebig head of Adam’s cock. Adam’s ass is the next victim to Taurus’sactive tongue. Taurus spreads Adam’s asshole and shoves his tonguedeep into the beautiful hole. When Adam gets all worked up he bendsTaurus over and pumps him full of dick. Taurus is an avid bottom andAdam fills him with every inch of his dick. The fucking is bothpassionate and aggressive. With Taurus on his back Adam fills hisbutt with dick until he explodes. Adam quickly pulls out, throws off thecondom and shoots all over Taurus’s abs.