Hot Hairy Hunk Tober Brandt Blows Brock Hatcher’s Centurion

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Scene Title: Centurion Muscle 5 Maximus

Description: Tober Brandt hooks up with the mammoth Dutch wonder BrockHatcher. Together these two look like a pair of stud clydesdales….absolute monuments to pumping iron n’ sin. These mountains ofripped furry flesh begin to explore each other with their mouths,consuming every inch they can. Verbally they are reduced to a seriesof grunts and growls as they revert to their inner beasts. Brock thenthrows Tober on his back and starts to ride his fat throbbing dick like awell-worn saddle. Tober kicks into serious top mode and nails thebejesus out of the hottie from Holland in as many positions as gravitywill allow. When finally both men explode in a shower of jizz you willbe left as breathless as they.