Interracial Booted Butts: Ryan and Race Fuck Wildly! RagingStallion

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Scene Title: When Men Fuck

Description: Rear Stable – Alone in the stable, cowboys Race Cooper andRyan Patrick can’t help their animal attraction. With Ryan’s jeansalready ripped off, Race plunges his dark hard stallion cock intoRyan’s beefy white ass. Bent over a barrel, Ryan braces himselfagainst the stable post as Race angrily and mercilessly fucks him.Ryan moans for more as Race picks up speed and the men give in totheir carnal sweaty lust. Now on his back, with rope tied around hisboots, Ryan gets fucked even deeper. He holds tight to the ropessuspending his legs as Race commands: ‘Take it!’ Race has thesteady rhythm of a prize stallion, not wavering his eyes from the finishline, and fucking the cowboy he’s lusted after for so long. Both aredripping sweat, as they grunt and moan and their pelvises grindinghard against each other. Race pushes Ryan to the floor and preparesto release a load onto Ryan’s ginger beard. Powerful spurts coverRyan’s face and chest, as Race loudly cries out his release.Exhausted, but still hard from his ass being pummeled, Ryan liesdown on the stable floor and strokes his uncut meat to climax, mixinghis own cum with the liquids that cover him. Race leans down andsqueezes out the last bit of cum from Ryan’s cock, before falling ontop in an exalted mass.Roll in the Hay origin