Interracial Kings: Jay Black and the Hairy Jungle Lord

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Scene Title: Lords Of The Jungle

Description: I smell barbeque!’ says Jay Black as he and Collin O’Neal emergefrom a dense forest onto an empty field. ‘You are crazy,’ repliesCollin. They have been searching for something to eat for almost anentire day. They found a few coconuts and bananas, but nothing else.Jay knows he is hallucinating, and the two trudge on, climbing a smallmountain as they continue their search. After several more hours theyend up on a point on a ridge overlooking a fertile valley. The beauty ofthe scene distracts them from their dire situation. Together they gazeout across the rugged landscape, slowly noticing each other. Thescent of sex is in the air and their cocks both respond instantly. Collinquickly takes out his big dick and feeds it to Jay Black–it may not bebarbeque, but it is probably the next best thing! Collin allows Jay toservice him before turning him over and fucking him silly. In what isprobably one of the most dramatic fucks ever filmed for gay porn,these guys get into each other on a level rarely seen in adult movies.The fucking is astounding and the footage we present is some of thebest that Raging Stallion has ever offered! And wait until you see thecum shots – could these be the best cum shots of the year!? We sayyes, but you will have to decide for yourself!