Interracial Latino Hunk Alexsander Freitas Pounds Damian Dragon: Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Muscle And Ink

Description: Out the gate this movie burns hot and practically explodes with thisincendiary pairing of super star power top Alexsander Freitas andDamian Dragon. The chemistry is instant as the two kiss deep andpassionately on a metal framed bed. Kissing turns to body worship,and with a body like Freitas- a ripped perfect chiseled six pack linedwith fur. Dragon’s body is a work of art, head to toe, an ink mural inthe Japanese style. The passion quickly rises to a sweltering heat ascock hungry Dragon services Freitas fat uncut Brazilian meat. Freitas’a true top quickly takes over and face fucks Dragon as every muscleconvulses with pleasure and control. Bathed in sweat, its not longbefore Freitas has taken his man and bent him over into submissionplunging deeper and deeper into Dragon’s ass. Freitas is a musclebound fuck machine and he proves his power and dominance in thisscene. Position after position he thrusts with jack hammer precisionand maniacal strength as Dragon opens up into total sumission. In theend Damian is on his back taking every solid inch of Freitas’ tattooedfury until both explode their thick milky loads on Dragon’s prolific bodyof ink. Minute for minute is some of the most powerful fucking we’vefilmed in years, your rewind button will be extra greasy as youscramble for the action replay!