Interracial Latino Lords Dominate Jungle – Mario & Rambo Ravish

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Scene Title: Lords Of The Jungle

Description: Studly Mario Cruz and new discovery Rambo hacking their way thruthe dense jungle, machetes in hand. They emerge from a 100-foothigh wall of vines and cross an open field before entering a hugegrass thicket. There is no way around, so they chop their way thru.The sun it hot and the insects are biting. They are really miserable,but they must press onward. Finally, under the cover of a stand ofbanana trees, they take a break, resting on the remains of a hugefallen tree. Who can say what thoughts are crossing their minds? Oneclue might be in the furtive glances they give each other: Rambochecking out Mario’s ass without being caught, or Mario staring atRambo’s many tattoos, glancing away quickly when Rambo turnstowards him. This game can go on for only so long, and soon bothmen are on to each other! Cocks come out and lips are locked as thefun begins. This is Rambo’s first-ever porn scene, and man is he anatural. He and Mario are great together, and tropical lovemakingnever looked so good. The light in this scene is stunning – making it awork of art! The action is excellent, and the camera work expert!

Actors: Mario Cruz , Rambo