Interracial Soldiers Take Turns Drilling Tight Ass in Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Grunts The New Recruits

Description: Back in the barracks the boys are hanging out, stripped down because of the oppressive heat. It’s just another normal night at boot camp. The guys are kicking back and relaxing. Sweat drips from salty, slick skin. One soldier eyes another. One soldier touches another. Everyone joins in to create a five man oral orgy between River Fiasco, Kamrun, Mason Garet, RJ Danvers, and Justin Christopher. This orgy moves out into the moonlight and soon the fucking begins. Justin Christopher pushes his huge dick deep into Kamrun’s ass with Mason Garet watching and stroking his cock. Justin blows his load and leaves Kamrun and Mason to continue. Mason takes all of Kamrun’s cock down his throat until Kamrun blows his load all over Mason’s face. Just as everything was going strong, Sergeant Sinz shows up and busts Mason for his misconduct. But Sinz needs some relief himself and has no problem using his rank to demand a piece of ass. After a very spit-laden blowjob, Sinz stuffs his cock into Mason’s pink hole. Mason takes a pounding and explodes with cum. Sinz adds to the sticky mess and looks around for his next target. He is an angry sergeant on a roll.