Jake and Trey’s Jockstrap Adventure – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Centurion Muscle 4 – Erotikus

Description: A tawdry tableau of the hormonal flash fire ignited when RagingStallion Man of the Year (and co-editor on this project), white-hotJake Deckard, was put together with that horned-out cauldron oflascivious hunger, bad dog Trey Casteel. Watch in awe as they turnfrom humpy homos to feral animals lost in their mating dance. Backand forth they go consuming each other like sexual cannibals havingtheir last meal. Within moments, it becomes obvious they completelyforgot about the film crew around them and lost all balancinginhibitions to the shamelessly whorish inertia that swept over the set.They hit a plateau of intimacy that sets the tone for the rest of the filmand will mesmerize every viewer into feeling like a peeping tom whohas found the hottest window in the world. The pair falls into an oralsex freefall that defies description and crash into a powerfuck thatdefies all known laws of gravity and physics leading to its jizzrificconclusion.