Raging Stallions – Jimmy Durano And Jeremy Stevens

At a strip club, even a bartender gets a small piece of the action. This raging stallion bartender, Jeremy Stevens, is polishing some glasses when Jimmy Durano came to him, pulls out fat hard on, and implies that Jeremy should polish that instead. Jeremy comes from behind the counter, grabs that dick and wrap his lips around it. In no time both raging stallions are shirtless, kissing their nipples and ready for some ass plowing. Jeremy got this job a few months ago when he desperately needed some money and a friend of his knew about this opening job. Since then Jeremy stumbled upon all kind of people but no one like Jeremy. He noticed him once he entered the club but thought he was too of a player for his taste and didn’t make any moves on him. But after the party was kind of ending and the people started to go home, he saw Jimmy coming towards the bar with a big smile on his face. Of course Jeremy got all nervous because he didn’t knew what to talk with him.  Well after all it wasn’t too much talking at all.

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