Jockstrap Alpha: Danny Mann & Xerxes Get Naughty in Uniforms

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Scene Title: Alpha

Description: Xerxes is a mountain of muscle and ass (an ass that is a prime example of what a prime muscle-butt looks like). Danny is a rugged muscle bear with a full beard and the kind of macho swagger that would no doubt make Clint Eastwood proud. They kiss and grope in the first few moments before proceeding to some mutual cocksucking and rimming. Both have rock-hard erections, and both men work each other’s cocks and buttholes intensely (to put it mildly). The sucking is of the deep-throat variety, and the rimming is the cheeks-spread, face-in-deep kind (and both men possess pink, unblemished asscracks). Xerxes’ hole is the first to get fucked, Danny’s stiff rod pumping in and out in powerful thrusts, Xerxes’ hairy muscular legs held back by the chains that suspend the leather-upholstered platform. Xerxes fucks Danny next, slamming into Danny as hard (if not harder) than what he got. Danny’s long legs splayed apart as his big rubber firemen boots dangle in the air. The X-man intensifies his thrusts, eventually fucking the cum out of a loudly and enthusiastically groaning Danny. Xerxes dumps his spunk on Danny’s crotch and then the sweaty hulks kiss again in the sweaty afterglow.

Actors: Danny Mann , Xerxes