Jockstrap Alpha: Francois Sagat & Blake Nolan – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Alpha

Description: Blake Nolan, a.k.a. The Towering Inferno, is paired with sensational Frenchman François Sagat. This is an incredible match-up with more intense foreplay and such. It is too wild to see François in awe of another man, as he appears to be totally smitten with the way Blake seduces him with a flurry of kisses, caresses, licks and sucks(he’s only human, after all). The feeling and admiration, however, is mutual, as Blake stares in astonishment at the man that he is makinglove to with all his might (François is one fine motherfucker). They trade blows, Blake deeply rims François’ hole, prepping him for the anal onslaught to come, Blake then fucks his charge every which way (François’ perfect skin glistening under the hot lights), and then they stand face to face as they pump themselves to climax, their commingled spunk dripping down to the floor as the screen fades to black.