Jockstrap Boobs in Monument – Josh West and Jack Bond

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Scene Title: Monument

Description: Kissing and touching with Josh West and Jack Bond, the lighting setto a red tone, the muscular bodies framed in silhouette. And fantasticphysiques they are: Josh built like a brick shithouse, and Jack rippedand six-packed, both wearing jockstraps. Lights now turned bright,Jack goes crazy on Josh’s giant prick, sucking and sucking andsucking, then he does the same on Mr. West’s butthole, licking andsucking to his heart’s content. Josh sniffs and snuffles Jack’s smoothhole next, and then shoves said hole full of cock for some incrediblesidesaddle fucking that is notable for its intensity and harshness,Jack’s hole slammed with brute and unrelenting power by Josh. Theymove from the ass-opening side-splitting portion of the fuck to a morestraightforward from-behind position, Josh no less demanding of thebald dude’s accommodating hole, fucking until he gets ready to letloose, pulling his wide dick out of the ass, quickly yanking off theprophylactic, and coating Jack’s sweaty humps with cum. Jack hasbeen nearly fucked to death by a huge cock and a huge fuck, butsurely it was worth the effort — he jerks out a gusher, and, exhausted,collapses.

Actors: Jack Bond , Josh West