Jockstrap Hairy Butts: Danny Mann & Ken Braun – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: The Red And The Black

Description: A little pit worship gets this session going before Danny Mann spendssome time giving head instead of receiving it. Ken Braun turns himaround and exposes Danny’s ass for the camera. Danny’s ass,encased in a red jockstrap, tops the list of incredible bubble butts. Notonly is it full and round, it’s covered in brown fuzz. Ken sinks histongue into the center, a paw on each cheek to hold his snack inplace. With the pleasure comes the pain. Bearing a multi-stranded,leather cat-o’-nine tail, Ken plants his feet and flogs his buddy. Dannyremains stationary, confined against a column. He seems determinedto keep his expressions neutral, even when Ken alternates the rhythmof his flogging and picks up the pace. It’s a lovely session that sadlyhas to end; Ken praises his fuck bud with kisses where it burns.Danny pleases Ken’s hole, his bearded maw almost lost between themuscle of Ken’s ass. When the toys come out, it’s Ken and not Dannywho’s opening his ass up wide. Unlike his leather buddy, Dannyshows some mercy, cranking the toy into Ken with slow and gentlecircular twists. He tops Ken, and looks damn good when he fucks tocum.

Actors: Danny Mann , Ken Braun