Latino Blake Nolan and Mario Cruz’s Jungle Interracial Buttfucking Fiesta

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Scene Title: Lords Of The Jungle

Description: Blake Nolan and Mario Cruz are trekking through the jungle andcome across some wild papaya plants – loaded with fresh, ripe fruit!They scramble for the first real food they have had in several days!After devouring the fruit they are in a great mood – and you know howthese porn plots go…munching papaya turns into sucking cock asboth men begin to devour each other! Blake enjoys receiving head,but what he really wants is some of Mario’s tight Latin ass. And that isexactly what he gets! Mario takes a pounding like the bottom stud thathe is, and Blake fucks away, enjoying every single long stroke. Thecum shots tell the story – stranded on an island or not, these guys arethrilled to be alive! And they are living every last moment to the fullest!