Military Brothers Blow Each Other’s Hairy Butts – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Grunts Brothers In Arms

Description: Brothers in Arms opens as private Victor Steele reports fororders from Sergeant Houle (played by Jake Deckard) early in themorning. Jake informs him of the experiment to expose the troops tohypospastic nitrate – the chemical that turns straight men gay. Jakedecides to perform a physical inspection on Private Victor, just tomake sure he is up for the job. Jake pushes Victor down to suck hisdick. Victor’s ass is next up for inspection and Jake uses fingers andtongue to get inside. He warms it up first and then slips his dick in.Once Jake starts to fuck him the scene really takes off. Victor cumswhile Jake is fucking him and Jake shoots his load all over Victor’sass. This scene is a stunner and will be nominated by the studio forbest sex scene of the year.