Outdoor Sex with Sky Donovan and Rik Jammer – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: SexPack #08 – Sky’s The Limit

Description: Late Afternoon on a Hill Top – The scene begins with favorite baldie Rik Jammer tied to a pole hanging from a tree. Sky Donovan walks up brandishing a whip and lashing Rik’s perfectly-colored white ass. Rik doesn’t even flinch. In fact, each strap of leather seems to put a smile on his face. Making use of the beautiful sunlight and shadows, this scene is wisely filmed from afar, so that we can see sexy Sky tossing the whip around and Rik’s body twitching in kind. The shots from the front are great as well, with Sky making sure to swat Rik’s protruding nipples and rock-hard cock. Near the end of the scene, Sky treats Rik to a few licks on his red cock as thanks, and then disappears, leaving Rik to swing gleefully on the pole.