Alpha Lee Mane and Mick Powers Get Wild in Boots!

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Scene Title: Omega

Description: Lee Mane teams up with Mick Powers. Mick is a great kisser. Thekissing is slow and passionate. Understandably so, Lee has the kindof juicy bee-stung lips that would make Angelina Jolie envious. Healso has gorgeous brown skin and muscles galore. Mick makes fastwork of said body, licking up and down the expanse of flesh with hisgreedy mouth, Lee taking it all in, a man in complete control of theworshipping. And one of my favorite moments comes next: Lee bendsMick over to gaze at his perfect butthole, and the light hitting Mick’shole just so, then Lee’s tongue goes in for some licks. Kneeling beforehim, Mick then unleashes Lee’s uncut cock and slowly and confidentlygorges. Mick fits Lee’s huge dick with a dick-pumper for enlargement,and they pump briefly before Lee returns to more lip-smackin’rimming. Lee then missionary-fucks Mick, pulls out, dumps his load,and Mick — noisily! — finishes last.

Actors: Lee Mane , Mick Powers