Big Dick Parker Perry and Jay Roberts Get Nasty in Boots

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Scene Title: Nasty Fuckers

Description: Lip-locked and sporting humongous boners, Jay Roberts and ParkerPerry work each other over as they grapple and grope. Parker gets onhis knees and opens wide to consume Jay’s uncut prick, sucking it indeep and chewing on the fleshy foreskin. Jay throws Parker down,determined to show his partner a wilder side. He begins fellatingParker’s major league meat aggressively then chows on his hairy asswith licks and slurps so aggressive that the poor guy’s quivering withexcitement. Then Jay fucks Parker fast and furious like a well-oiledmachine. And whether he’s getting sucked or getting fucked, all Perrycan do is moan and groan, begging for more. They continue fuckingwith Parker riding Jay’s cock and jerking off. After he shoots, he jumpsoff and watches Jay pump out his load all over. The studs end thescene just as they began, locked at the lips and ready for more.