Omega: Jake Deckard and Blake Nolan explore hairy boot play

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Scene Title: Omega

Description: Blake ‘The Towering Inferno’ Nolan and Jake Deckard are kissing likehorny newlyweds. And, this is some sexy, intense kissing. As Jakeand Blake are sucking face, for instance, Blake grabs the back ofJake’s head and pushes his face even deeper into his mouth. Hot ashell. Both of these gods are made of pure muscle and gorgeouslooks, and Jake deep-throats Blake’s cock with deep, meaningfulswallows. Blake follows suit, sucking down one of the best upturnersever captured on film. The rimming is next, and Blake has a helluvatime licking and sucking Jake’s furry ass of glory. Ass prepped, Blakeblasts a hard-pounding doggy-fuck into Jake, beautifully captured, asboth men spice things up with lotsa dirty-talk and animalistic grunting.The camera expertly captures the fucking, and the in-and-out dickshots are particularly tasty. Jake, now on his back, gets fuckedmissionary, Blake deep-dicking an encouraging Jake, bending in forsome intense kissing and eye contact as he continues his mercilessthrusting. This is some of the best fucking I’ve seen in a long time.The way their muscled bodies look entwined as they hump and bumpis breathtaking. This is sweaty, this-ass-feels-great fucking. Blakeeven fucks the cum out of Jake before pulling out and popping hisload as Jake’s meaty fingers give Blake a vigorous prostate massage.Tremendous, just tremendous.