Boots & Jockstrap Studs Colin West and Danny Mann Cumswap – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: The Red And The Black

Description: Danny Mann, a fully-bearded muscle bear, can be as tender as he isgruff. Crouching between his thighs is Colin West. At first all we seeof Colin are the wild and expansive tribal tats which cascade over hisback and triceps. He’s busying himself with Danny’s cock, clothedonly in a jockstrap, shockingly white in the dark space. His muscularbuild makes him as powerful as Danny, but for the moment, he’scontent to be subservient, puffing up his chest and hoping to impresshis fuckmate. Danny responds by bunching up his fists and poundingColin’s chest back down, compelling him to focus on sucking his prick. AsDanny gets blown, he peels off one layer of clothing at a time, slowlyrevealing a furry chest and raging tattoos of his own. The lighting herethrows gorgeous shadows over their bodies, creating deep canyonsunderneath their pecs and making already impressive muscle lookthat much bigger. When Danny catches sight of Colin’s ass, he givesthe twin muscle the same pummeling with his knuckles, an eroticprelude to the fuck that’s about to come. Having a humpy lumberjackbetween your legs would inspire most men I know to grab their pricksand jack. Colin patiently holds his ankles and concentrates. Unable toresist, he does eventually flog his prick until it erupts, his silver PrinceAlbert jangling while the cum flies. Daddy Danny gets off justmoments later.