Intense Arabian Foreskin Solo Scene with Manuel Torres – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Arabesque

Description: Night has fallen. The desert cools under the soft light of a crescentmoon. A lone sentry stands watch at the marketplace, bathed in theblue light of an ancient midnight. Manuel Torres, one of RagingStallion’s top exclusives, finds his night watch dull. No criminals, nopassersby, no nothing… He notices a stir in his crotch and looksdown. He feels his growing cock under his robes. He makes sure noone is watching. No one is. Except for our camera, that is. We arepeeping toms, hiding in the market, watching as Manuel offers aprivate performance. His cock is huge, his chest broad, his stomachtight and cut. He pulls his dark meat back and forth, showing off hisforeskin and his well-rounded balls. He enjoys himself in the night andwe enjoy it with him. By the time he cums, the camera is very close.The lens is hit by his cum so that it fills your screen! You want to lick itoff. Manuel…good job.

Actors: Manuel Torres