Chris and Robert Explode in Outdoor Jock 69 – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Falcon Bareback Vol 09 – Explode In My Hole

Description: It’s one of those lazy crazy summer days and Chris Williams islooking for some action. He convinces Robert Harris to come over fora swim. After horsing around in the pool Chris lounges on a raftpoolside with his butt propped up for Robert’s inspection. Robertknows Chris is hot and horny and decides to play with him. He grabsa water squirter and sprays Chris’s ass with jets of water. Soon Roberis out of the pool and nuzzling the water squirter against Chris’s twitchingass. Robert has Chris suck him good and hard, then orders Chris toplay with his own hole…opening it it up for Robert’s raging hard-on.Robert takes Chris from behind…pounding his hole deep andhard….then he has Chris sit down on his prick…bouncing the blondboy up and down with every thrust…making him take it to the base.Then Robert slides it in from the side, using his huge prick to part therounded ass cheeks, his cock acting like a heat-seeking missilepenetrating the depths of Chris’s tight hole. Chris is in ecstasy, hissilent surrender subsides as Robert rocks his ass with urgent thrusts.With his cock swelling even thicker and harder, he turns Chris onto hisback, holds his legs wide and power fucks Chris until both men shootuncontrollably all over each other.