Cowboy Action: Damien Crosse & Jackson Wild Ride, Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: To The Last Man: Guns Blazing Part 1

Description: Nighttime quiets the Flying V Ranch, as Rick plots his next move. Damien (Crosse) and Jackson (Wild) work in the barn. Damien’s asks about Rick and his past, Jackson tells him of the family feud that goes back many years. Damien is quickly distracted by Jackson as he gropes the young ranch hand. Soon Damien is down on his knees taking Jackson into his mouth. Damien works Jackson up nice and hard and then wants the same treatment. When Damien whips out his large uncut cock Jackson goes down and shows his oral skills. Once Damian is warmed up Jackson wants him up his ass. Damien bends Jackson over the ladder and fucks him hard. Jackson rides Damien eagerly and shoots a fat load. As Damien drops his load all over Jackson’s back, a gunshot rings out. Damien collapses dead on the ground, covered in dirt. The Feud is on!