Drew Valentino and Allen King Playful Feet Pleasures on Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Strong Suit

Description: Pinstripe Realty Worldwide standout Allen King has been tasked with figuring out if potential hire Drew Valentino would be a good fit for the company, but it seems that he’d rather decide if Drew and his impressive assets are a good fit for his hole. With his big dick disappearing deep down Allen’s throat, Drew and his adventurous hands begin toying with the real estate agent’s hungry ass. Allen then bends over the side of a couch as a suited-up Drew buries his face between Allen’s cheeks and uses his hairy cock to fuck his hole. Allen moans, shuts his eyes and clenches Drew’s tie between his teeth as Drew takes him from behind and stretches him out in multiple positions across the realtor’s property. Drew, now rocking a thigh that’s coated in Allen’s cum, then finishes the bareback business meeting by shooting all over Allen’s hole and using his own necktie to wipe up the creamy mess.