Hairy Damien Crosse Boots Up for Wild Outdoor Solo!

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Scene Title: To The Last Man: The Gathering Storm

Description: At the Flying V Ranch, water is plentiful and so are the ranch hands.Dillon (Damien Crosse) is dirty from work. He needs a shower towash away the filth. But he also needs to release his big uncut cock.Letting the cool water run over his still clothed body, he begins to rubhis crotch, getting his meat hard. Turning the water off, he strokes hiscock faster and faster, using his spit as lube. Dillon decides he needsa drink so he grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels and begins to taste thestrong bite of the spirit. Letting it run over his body anderect cock, Dillon strokes harder. Dillon’s ass needs attention too, andJack is more than happy to oblige. Riding the bottle, Dillon shoots aload over his freshly cleaned body.

Actors: Damien Crosse