Hairy Interracial Butts: Chris & Derek Hit That! (Raging Stallion)

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Scene Title: I’d Hit That!

Description: Handsome stud Chris Harder sports a beard, lots of ink, and a hairy chest and legs. He knows what he wants and how to get it. He hooks an elbow around Derek Maxum’s neck, pulls him close for a kiss, grabs his hard cock and inhales. With a blow job this intense, Derek can barely stop from falling over. His smooth chest and ripped abs drip with beads of sweat. Derek fucks Chris’ face until his cock is lubed with spit as saliva drips down Derek’s balls. Chris’ throat relaxes until he can swallow most of Derek’s sizeable endowment. After a voracious sixty-nine that further displays Chris’ cock-sucking expertise, Derek turns his attention to the smooth hole he intends to fuck. He taps it, slaps it, eats it and fingers it – preparing it for the ultimate test. Hitting it takes on a whole new meaning when Derek pushes his massive meat in all the way. Chris moans of pure pleasure in the stretching of his hole. The flicker of orgasm ignites in his loins as he flips onto his back, igniting in streams of hot, flowing cum that coats his furry ass-cheeks. Derek adds his own load, then presses their bodies together for a parting kiss glued by jizz.