Hairy Jockstrap Studs Drew and Colby Fuck Hard – Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Sweat. Fuck. Repeat.

Description: When beefy gym bro Colby Melvin receives a fat slap on his ass in the locker room, he knows that it could have only come from one guy — Drew Valentino. Fresh out of the shower, Drew helps Colby enter his post-workout routine by worshiping his muscles, sniffing his pits, and fingering his glistening ass. Drew then thrusts his hard cock into Colby’s hole and only pulls out so Colby can taste his own insides as he sucks down Drew’s used cock. Back to being barebacked, Colby lets out a few deep drunks and works up a serious sweat as Drew drills him down in the empty, musky locker room. Colby soon begins showering his gym fuck with fresh cum before Drew spreads the salt and pepper daddy’s legs and nuts all over his worn-out hole.