Max Adonis and Drew Sebastian in “Pipe Fitters” on Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: Pipe Fitters

Description: Max Adonis has just finished his load for the day. He is tired and horny from handling long hard pipes all day. Thinking he’s alone, Max climbs into the bed of a truck and starts to jack off, but Drew Sebastian is watching. As Max lays back stroking his dick, Drew walks up on him and joins in the fun. He pulls Max in closer, stroking and sucking on his dick before moving Max to his knees to swallow down Drew’s hefty meat. After getting his cock sucked, Drew bends Max over to lube his hole up with spit before sliding in his thick cock. On the tailgate of the truck, Max bears down, spreads his ass, and takes every inch Drew stuffs inside his hairy hole. Getting rammed in multiple positions, Max ends up on his back getting stuffed until Drew can’t hold back any longer and shoots his load all over Max’s hole. Max begs for Drew to shove it back inside and when he does, Max loses it and erupts with thick ropes all over himself.