Hairy Men Blow Each Other in Sex Club Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: The Visitor

Description: Amidst the pumping music on a crowded dance floor of sweaty men,Epoc (Logan McCree in a non-sexual role) spots clubbers DominicPacifico and Austin Wilde entranced in the groove. They grope andkiss as their bodies intertwine, the passion rising between them.Someone in the crowd can see Epoc, but how? His vibration is toohigh to be seen by the human eye. Epoc returns his attention to thedancing men. He follows as they disappear behind the large throbbingspeakers. They kiss deeply and their bodies meld into a blur of sweatand lights. Dominic kisses down Austin’s wet body and unleashes hishard cock from his pants. Dominic takes Austin’s hard cock into hismouth and sucks in ecstasy. Austin then returns the favor and savorsDominic’s wet cock. The two swap blowjobs as Epoc observes. Aftermore passionate sucking and kissing, Austin bends Dominic over aspeaker and begins to rub his cock against Dominic’s smooth ass.Dominic pushes back in anticipation. Austin enters and Dominic isflooded with a wave of lust. Austin pounds Dominic’s sweet hole,watching his cock go in and out. He then flips Dominic over andpounds deeper…their bodies one mass of vibrating ecstasy. Epocfeels the deep vibrations as Austin thrusts. Dominic shudders andexplodes all over himself and Austin soon follows, shooting whitegobs of semen all over Dominic’s sweat-soaked body. The two meldonce more in an impassioned kiss…Epoc absorbs the energy, onlywanting more.