High N’ Tight

Mick Stallone needed a cut so he went to his guy, Rikk York to help him out in this latest raging stallion video. The guy started talking about all kind of things and they were exchanging tips where to find hot guys around the city. Rikk’s assistant was listening to their conversation and he couldn’t stop staring at Mick thru the mirror. He couldn’t keep it to himself and although his boss was there he still made a move. So Jackson pulls his shirt and begins wanking off his dick in the middle of the parlor.

Then Jackson came over and goes down on his hard cock. Rikk had to join them and shoved his hard dick down Mike’s throat. Rikk gets in the chair and Mike starts rimming his hairy ass. But it’s time that the boss gets what he wants. Rikk York got to pound his favorite client’s fine ass while Mike was busy sucking off his assistant’s dick. You can check out the entire action in the video below and you should miss them out in action below. You’re going to see a lot of cock sucking, rimming, and rough ass fucking footage. This was all for today but make sure you check out some of the older updates until our next ragingstallion updates.