Interracial Jockstrap Hunks in “The Red And The Black”

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Scene Title: The Red And The Black

Description: Erik Hunter and Nick Piston serve up a little black on white in the nextsegment, their bodies sexily trimmed in smoky leather. Nick isgorgeous, a bearded, muscular hottie quite unlike either stud from theprevious scene. Erik is quite a contrast, noticeably stockier andcutting a threatening figure. As Nick drops to sample Erik’sconsiderable cock, he has to push his airman’s goggles to the back ofhis skull. This is extreme gear, but on Nick, it looks less remarkablyauthentic. As the camera closes the distance on Erik’s cock, theviewer gets an excellent view of exactly what Nick is faced with, apiece of meat that qualifies as a flesh weapon. Erik moves fromsucking Nick’s mouth to sucking his ass. The expressions of pleasureripping across Nick’s face are priceless, and his amplified growls andshouts only further prove the point. Erik fucks rough, deliveringexactly what Nick is vocally begging for.