Steve Cruz and Dominic Sol Get Drenched in Cum! Raging Stallion

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Scene Title: All Access

Description: Hard Friction discovery, Shay Michaels is on set for his first Live show.He and Dominic Sol have been talking to each other online and havewanted to hook up. The sexual chemistry is smoking hot betweenthese two men, as they are kissing, butt-naked on the set. Dominic isquickly on his knees licking and sucking Shay’s meat. The downwardcurve of his cock fits perfectly down the back of Dominic’s throat ashe swallows it down. Shay’s fur-covered muscles flex as he enjoys theenthusiastic attention. Quickly Dominic is up on a desk on his kneeswith his muscled butt cheeks spread wide so Shay can rim his hairyhole. He licks and fingers Dominic getting his hot hole stretched andlubed for his large cock. Dominic really wants it as Shay pounds himfrom behind. Shay gives it to him good then flips Dominic over on hisback so he can watch the expression on his face as he slams his ass.When they are finally ready to cum, the two men are standing up,kissing. Shay pushes Dominic down and blows his load in his mouth,pulls him up and kisses him some more. With the taste of hot cum onhis lips, Dominic quickly shoots his own big load. This is one hotscene charged with sexual chemistry! [Non-sexual appearance byDirector Steve Cruz}