Interracial Public Sex: Jay Black and Sean Storm Take Boots!

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Scene Title: Gay Dreams 2

Description: Brendan Austin reclines in his hotel room, stroking his cock. As hestrokes his dick harder, remembering his most wonderful sexualexperiences and anticipating those to come, he lets his mind driftaway again into that dark place of lust and desire, this time conjuringup the image of filthy bottom pig Sean Storm and a hot, black, musclestud named Jay Black. Filmed on a rooftop at night in downtown SanFrancisco, this scene is all about nasty, urban, 21st century sex! JayBlack and Sean Storm go at it full throttle. After some pretty deep prefuckprobing, Black sleeves up and fucks Storm in one position afteranother, drilling Sean’s hole like a sergeant at a boot camp.Amazingly Sean takes it all and asks – no, begs – for more. Three cumshots, two worn out cocks, and one happy butt hole do a perfectscene make. Sean’s mouth can only take so much cum, but Jaykeeps delivering more cum shots. Swallow it boy, and open up formore!!!

Actors: Jay Black , Sean Storm